sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2016

I believe

Hallelujah! I just found Jesus
Swimming at the bottom of the bottle 
I keep crawling out of
He said You look familiar but I can't place your face
I said You look like hell 
and that we used to hang at my mother's request
Hallelujah! I just found Jesus 
Trying to save the world through the wet hands 
and mouth of a girl
She's convinced me to stay in for as long as 
we both shall live
(Or until one of us gets bored)
Have I been saved?
'Cause I feel the same
Dirty and tired
Can I be saved without having shame or remorse 
for what I don't believe?
I offer up my humbled soul and my broken spirit 
All those things that I can't control
The intangible bullshit to you, my Lord
I believe there is no white light
Somebody's mistaken or somebody lied
I believe there is only one truth 
It resonates different in me and you 
so don't try to sell me yours

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